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War On Drugs And Drug Trafficking - 960 Words

Organized crime is destructive to all countries it effects. In terms of the United States, it is plagued by human trafficking, drug trafficking, and weapons trafficking. One of the most harmful organized crimes is drug trafficking. What makes drug trafficking organized is the system of production to distribution. Drug trafficking organizations have a hierarchy of power from the kingpins to the couriers. Drug also has political influence they are able to bribe and blackmail politicians. Trafficking drugs is a multi-billion-dollar business, and the United States is one of its largest markets. Drug trafficking is defined as â€Å"the selling, transportation, and illegal import of unlawful controlled substances, such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin,†¦show more content†¦Some immigrants are even recruited, they do this because drug smugglers fund their way into the United States. So many people are desperate to get out of Mexico they risk their freedom. In recent news, their was a lso an American man who used a drone to smuggle drugs over from Mexico to California. He was carrying fifty-thousand dollars’ worth of cocaine. Although I do believe the border should be protected, I don’t agree building a wall will stop drug trafficking from Mexico. Before the transportation of narcotic there is an extensive production process. For example, cocaine production begins in the forest of Colombia. Colombia produces over half the world’s cocaine. They pay farmers to produce the cocoa leaf and transform it into a paste then a powder. Growing cocaine is just as risky as smuggling it. To combat the growth of the cocoa leaf, Colombian drug enforcement destroy the cocoa farms. They light farms on fire to deter famers from growing it. Law enforcement is not the only danger in drug trafficking. Drug cartels leaders are brutal, and enforce their rule through murder. For example, if people don’t want to participate in they just remove the people putting fear in the entire community. Organized crimes can fund each other. Drug trafficking increases weapons trafficking because weapons are needed to protect and enforce the drug trade. So as the need for drugs rises, the need for weapons will rise to creating a cycle ofShow MoreRelatedDrug Cartels : Mexico And The Brutal War Of Drug Trafficking1299 Words   |  6 PagesLeilany Emilio Mr.Odden Am/Lit December 18th, 2015 Drug Cartels Mexico is known for many things ranging from there beautiful coastlines to there ancient ruins and museums to the brutal war of drug trafficking. The drug war in Mexico is one of the biggest events in narcotics history. Drug trafficking was best known in Michoacan, Guanajuato and Guerrero but it has recently spread across all of Mexico. Michoacan was the first place where it erupted due to an organization of cartels known as LaRead MoreDrug Trafficking And Its Effects On The American Civil War1075 Words   |  5 PagesThe history of drug trafficking goes back to the nineteenth century when drugs like heroin, cocaine and morphine were introduced into society and exposed people to the dangers of abuse and addiction. The US began adopting restrictions on drug use, distribution and trafficking both locally and the international production of coca and opium crops, but it also elicited a massive kickback from drug cartels. In the 1850s, Chinese immigrants introduced opium smoking when they came to CaliforniaRead MoreEssay on Mexican/Latin American â€Å"War† on Drugs and Trafficking1122 Words   |  5 PagesThe international drug trade from Latin American states is having an impact on a global scale. The trafficking of drugs along with corruptness and murder is an international conflict that is being fought daily. There are many aspects of the drug war from Mexico and other Latin American states which have effects on United States policy as well as policies from other countries that participate in the global suppression of illegal drugs. It can be hard to differentiate between conflict and issue inRead MoreIllicit Drug Trafficking : An Organized Crime1481 Words   |  6 Pagesthis paper was to gather research of the topic called illicit drug trafficking. It explores 10 online research articles and websites that relate to illicit drug trafficking. These articles however, vary in their research about the topic. It begins by stating how illicit drug trafficking is considered an organized crime. Two of the main drugs that are trafficked are cocaine and heroin. As a result of drug trafficking, the war on drugs has been a problem for many decades in different countries. Read MoreDrug Trafficking877 Words   |  4 PagesDrug Trafficking in the United States Americans like to hide thoughts of the bad in society, one of these thoughts often hid or forget about is drug trafficking. Drug trafficking effects everyone from the one-percent down to the people of poverty. Billions of dollars of drugs are bought and sold, with billions more being spent to fight the trafficking of illicit drugs in the United State. With all the money spent to prevent drug trafficking Americans need to understand the harmful effects. Drug TraffickingRead MoreDrug Trafficking And Its Effects On America1600 Words   |  7 Pages In a country of struggling economies, many have viewed the drug trade as one South American’ s most successful businesses. Latin America s drug trafficking industry has been depicted in United States popular culture through motion pictures such as Scarface and Traffic. The purpose of my research is to take away society’s perception of what Hollywood has depicted drug trade to be and bring out what narcotics trafficking really is, as well as trying to coincide with the motivations of those peopleRead MoreWar On Drugs : A Comparative Analysis Of Human Rights Violation1339 Words   |  6 PagesDorce Richard Stahler-Sholk PLSC 367 07 April 2016 War on drugs or a war on people ? A comparative analysis of human rights violation in Latin America Ever since the War on Drugs campaign began there has been a more complex relationship between the U.S and Latin America. While the media portrays the U.S as providing aid to Latin America to combat such issues, the U.S is also seen as a victim in the war on drugs. Over the course of the war on drugs numerous human rights violations have been reportedRead MoreDrug Trafficking And The Criminal Justice System1272 Words   |  6 PagesThis paper explains the consequences that drug traffickers face in today’s criminal justice system; those consequences being classed as controlled substances, federal trafficking sentences, offender and offense characteristics, and the effects of illegal drug trade on society. When the federal government labels a substance as controlled, this means the possession and distribution of these substances are governed by law. These laws are formulated in accordance with 21 U.S. Code  § 811 – 814 - AuthorityRead Moreâ€Å"The War On Drugs Is A Big Fucking Lie†. In Recent History,1560 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"The war on drugs is a big fucking lie† In recent history, there has been much rhetoric surrounding the eradication of cross-border drug trafficking. The â€Å"war on drugs† was introduced in the 1970s by Nixon, who wanted to eliminate the drugs coming into the United States, since they were seen by him as a threat to our nation. Many laws have been enacted with the purpose keeping illicit drugs out of the United States, yet they do so through the use of nativist ideology, which upholds white supremacyRead MoreThe United Statesstrategy For Combating Drug Trafficking Across Their Shared Border1521 Words   |  7 PagesSince 2008, the United States and Mexico have worked collaboratively to combat drug trafficking across their shared border. The State Department’s current position on the situation is to to support continued cooperation with Mexico and collaborate on strategies to increase security and create policy measures that strengthen the rule of law. The State Department divides the United States’ strategy for combatting drug trafficking into four strategies: targeting cartels and their operations, aiding the Mexican

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The Education Of The Public Education - 763 Words

Abstract Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curriculum in schools is undergoing a revolution in public education. This revolution is sparked by an increase in federal funding over the last decade. Between the years of 2011 and 2015, the federal government alone invested between three and 3.7 billion dollars yearly for STEM education (Johnson, 2012) (White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, 2014) and new STEM educational instructional strategies (Bruce-Dacis, Gubbins, Gilson, Villanueva, Foreman, 2014). Despite these new investments and changes, many students are neither enrolling nor excelling in STEM programming, particularly students of color (Museus, Palmer, Davis, Maramba, 2011). Concurrently, many of the areas of greatest economic opportunity exist in STEM related fields (National Research Council, 2011). In order to overcome the opportunity gap that exists between White students and students of color, it is essential for schools and districts to research and implement best practices related to STEM in classrooms. The practices must not only be based in strong pedagogy and professional awareness, but also include culturally responsive practices both within the classroom and the building (Johnson, Peters-Burton, Moore, 2016)and development of STEM mentors both in and out of the classroom (Ware Stein, 2013). Chapter 1 Introduction Background of the Problem Science and math related education has been in an ongoing stateShow MoreRelatedThe Education System And Public Education945 Words   |  4 Pagespeople must take upon themselves the education of the whole people and be willing to bear the expenses of it. There should not be a district of one mile square, without a school in it, not founded by a charitable individual, but maintained at the public expense of the people themselves’† (Strauss). Our founding fathers wanted our nation to be an educated nation. There were many who believed that only a chosen should be educated, but there were those who saw education to be more pervasive. During theRead MorePublic Education System For Education1688 Words   |  7 PagesIt is every child’s right to have access to a public education system that will provide quality education for success in life. Yet far today far too many children, especially those from poor and minority families, are limited to at risk by school systems with a lower quality of education while students in a low poverty community receive a higher quality of education. It is frustrating that even when socio-economic statuses are rapidly merging and changing that an educational achievement gap stillRead MorePublic Education And The Education System2112 Words   |  9 PagesIn today’s day and age, public education is outweighed on the scale. Young people don’t see the necessity of moving onto higher education and why should they when they know that a college degree doesn’t guarantee a job in the end. You have a greater chance of being employed if you do indeed have your degree. And sure, you know your stuff but do you have the experience? Do you have the skill to actually do your job? Public education systems are becoming more and more concerned about college and careerRead MoreHigh Education : A Education System Of Public Higher Education945 Words   |  4 Pagesgenerations do not have open access to higher educa tion? Despite California’s decreasing state budget, the purpose of enforcing higher education is to have job stability in the future, assign educated policymakers to take over the state’s affairs, and meet the demands of the labor market. Higher education in California has been demoted into the â€Å"California is financially unable to provide enough support† category. This is absolutely unacceptable-without education there will be an increase in unemploymentRead MoreThe Importance Of Education In Public School Education705 Words   |  3 PagesEducation, for both youth and adults in the United States has been labeled to have extreme importance. The United States is blessed to have the right to a free education and access to resources to help develop further education. This right is not restricted to those with a learning disability or special need. Students found to have a special need (i.e. autism, down syndrome etc.) are given the same opportunity to be educated. By attending schools with children who have these challenges, it is noticeableRead MorePublic Schooling And Public Education1497 Words   |  6 Pagesexponentially, the gap in the quality of public schooling rises with it. For a country that prid es itself in prestigious outlets of education, the system of public schooling seems to be miserably failing. Public education, a system that some fight to destroy while others fight to preserve, is perhaps the only source of academic opportunity for many individuals living in this country. The fact that someone can live in a certain area and receive a higher quality of public education than someone else living in aRead MorePrivate Education Vs. Public Education864 Words   |  4 PagesIt is often said that private education is superior to public education. I attended a private Christian school from grades Kindergarten through eighth. My father believed a private education would be the best option for me. Our class sizes were very small. Each grade level had around forty students, but we were split equally into two individual classes. The majority of the eighth grade class consisted of the same students that we started Kindergarten with. We had grown up together and helped oneRead M oreGraduation Speech : Education And Public Education972 Words   |  4 Pagesin America, the chances of one having received some form of general education are high. Schools come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs and preferences of parents and students; they can range between the extremes of religious to liberal arts and private to public education. In E.B. White’s â€Å"Education†, he describes his son’s shift from a city private school to a country public school. In contrast, the public education I received before entering college was very different from the experiencesRead MorePublic Education For Public Schools1477 Words   |  6 Pagesgovernment and the costs associated with providing public services. Public education is no exception to the increased interest in government costs and accountability. One of the greatest challenges in public-school systems is ensuring a fiscally responsible, high-quality, equal education for all students. T he idea that a free and equal public education should be available to all students has been fundamental in our society for decades. Scholars of education such as Jefferson, Rousseau, Mann, and DeweyRead MoreThe Importance Of Public Education1452 Words   |  6 PagesPublic education in the United States is closely linked to its very founding. Puritans who left England to establish the Massachusetts Bay Colony brought with them the egalitarian idea that universal education was necessary with the rise of the secular state to ensure individual autonomy and remove â€Å"ecclesiastical and monastic control of education...exercised by the Catholic Church.† (Walker, 1984, p. 266). Education as a benefit to the state was based on the idea that while education provided an

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Multinational Operations in China Free Essays

Obtaining a big profit is a good sign of success of a company. But before you achieve this kind of accomplishment, one must know the important things that should be considered in doing a business. If a company wants to business in China, one must have a clear understanding of the locale or in particular China where you want to established it. We will write a custom essay sample on Multinational Operations in China or any similar topic only for you Order Now . It is very important to understand and comprehend yourself with the culture of a country before investing capital in your business. China is one of the largest nations in the world and in fact the most populous country in the world; hence there is a wide range of diversity in culture, beliefs and behavior. The company must first understand it before undertaking operations in China. By doing so, one can established a greater possibility of surviving and even succeeding in the venture taken. The company must also know the local business practices before you do business in a particular area in China. China has most diverse cultural differences in the world and understanding its business culture is very vital. Since every country has different culture, what works with one country can not be appropriate for China. Becoming aware of how people think and their business practices can establish better and harmonious relationship with them. Organizational practices, activities and policies must be flexible and adaptable so that it can accustom easily with China’s practices. Having a representative office in union with a strong local private partner and which has access to all important information is very strategic and help to attain success. Setting up a joint venture is a good move for a company but one must ensure that they have selected the correct partner or else both companies will end up in failure. In the management part, Chinese expertise must be integrated or consulted in the decision making process. This will guaranteed that all aspect of China is considered before making a decision. There is a big need of establishing business relationships. Relationship or also known as Guanxi is an essential component in attaining success in China. Top level manager must know the importance of establishing and nurturing close relationship with their customer, supplier and their local counterparts. It is a great help in knowing the domestic market of China and also builds a strong bond that the company can use in need of assistance or in case of trouble. Company must also build a strong relationship with the China’s government officials. Government is the main factor in the economic movements. They play a vital role in ensuring economic stability and administering foreign investments. Approval, application, and authorization of the business can encountered fewer interruptions or delays if one has already established good relations with the regime. Company must know the financial system of China in doing business here. People’s Bank of China is the one responsible for the establishment and implementation of macroeconomic and fiscal policies. PBOC is also responsible for the regulation of currency circulation and domestic financial activities. Seniority is an important in China. Hence, one must be polite in conversing with older people.   Labor relations are also an important factor to secure business stability. The company must established good relations with their employees. They must look for their welfare. The company need human resources, without them company operations may be suspended and may eventually result to the closure of the company if not handled well. It is also important to recognize the preferential policies offered in China so one can be able to take advantage of it. These policies stimulate foreign investments. Industrial policies monitor foreign investment projects. They are classified as encouraged, permitted, restricted and prohibited. China has extremely promoted the subsequent measures to protect intellectual property rights. In fact China has decreed the Patent, Trademark and Copyright law in order to secure such rights. Works must be registered to the related authorities. In line with this, the government of China proclaimed several security measures to monitor the import publication and reproduction of recorded tapes, video tapes and the like. State Press and Publications Administration, must first grant an approval on the import goods and necessary permit papers must ne obtained. It is subjected to further examination of products. Violation of these security measures may result to subtraction of illegal income and closure of business and payment of fines. China has also required all enterprises to maintain books or accounts for all their business related activities. At the end of the year, they are required to pass an annual financial report. Thus, a company that wants a business in China should know this financial reporting and accounting policy. Tax is the main source of fiscal income of China. It plays an important role in strengthening the macro-economic regulation which is responsible for economic and social development. On the other hand, taxation policies are relatively important in every company. Tax contribute to the input cost of the company, thus it is needed to know the tax policy before doing production and market operations. Also, one can know which kind of business has lower or reduced tax and even exempted to pay such kind of charge. Given those kinds of considerations, tips and reminders on doing business in China, the company would surely make profit on it.   Based on the research employee welfare, labor relations are indeed important factors in establishing a business in China. Although the CEO does not believe on this and my only task as a researcher is to gather strategic information, I will still include those findings.   As a prudent researcher, it is important to include such information because it may affect the company; operations, activities and profit.   My task is to gather strategic information on business in China and these findings I assume is still part of my job. If I do not include such information on the research, this may create trouble for the company. My point is, it is safe to include it on the research since I just give it as an extra detail. The task is now on my CEO; whether he still wants to adopt his beliefs or these new finding. References Coble International. (1988-2008). Doing Business in China. Retrieved April 17, 2008 from Lee, Joseph. Analysis of the Failure and Success of Doing Business in China. Retrieved April 17, 2008 from PKF: Accountants and Business Advisers. Doing Business in China. Retrieved April 17, 2008 from Williams, De’Edra. (1998-2008). China. Retrieved April 17, 2008 from How to cite Multinational Operations in China, Essay examples

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Technology Helpful or Hurtful Essay Example For Students

Technology Helpful or Hurtful Essay Everyday we hear about the astounding technological advances discovered year after year. Thirty years ago, who would have thought that we would soon be able to communicate with a person half way around the world through a computer? The possibilities of technology are endless and beyond belief, but are these possibilities always beneficial in society, or are they causing more harm then help? Authors Pete Hamill, Grant Fjermedal and Roger Rosenblat take a look at certain forms of technology and the beneficial and detrimental aspects that have and will come from its advances. The family television is one of the oldest, most loved pastimes, and is thought to be one the greatest inventions. By the push of a button a person can leave their problematic life and live the perfect one of their favorite soap star, action hero or villain. In other words, with the push of a button a person is simply taken out of reality. Pete Hamill, the author of the article, â€Å"Crack and the Box,† div es further into the effects of the invention of the television and influence it has the generation raised with it. Hamill relates the drug epidemic of today with the increase of televisions believing they work on the same level. Like television, drugs take their user out of reality and into a different world. Hamill is a firm believer that televisions have had a dominant role in the great increase in current drug use. In 1955, when televisions were less than six times the number they are today, there were a mere 1,234 felony drug arrests; in 1988 that number rose to 43,901 (Hamill 374). That could coincidence of facts but according to Hamill our cherished television is to blame. TV is just one of the millions of pieces of technology. It is in no way as sophisticated as others, like the computer, yet it may be a prominent cause for one of the world’s largest problems, drug abuse. If something as old and simple as the television may have had such an impact, just imagine what ha rm will come from recent and even future forms of technology. We will write a custom essay on Technology Helpful or Hurtful specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now Roger Rosenblatt, author of â€Å"Who Killed Privacy,† states, â€Å"This is the age where everything is known, everything told† (Rosenblatt 378). This observation could not have been said any better. In our day and age everybody has to know everything about everyone. Privacy is no longer existent; technology has taken all forms of it away from us. An Atlanta mail-order house offers a product called Listenaider, which amplifies nearby sounds and is designed to look like a Walkman (Rosenblatt 379). Avid movie watchers are quite familiar with what a voice changer is. To disguise your voice all you would need is one of these. Speak into a small device and you are instantly transformed into a man, woman or, as in the movies, a killer. For those nosey people who have to know every conversation on every home phone, a scanner is now available. What happened to privacy?!? As Rosenblatt states privacy was â€Å"killed† by the all too popular technology. How can any of thi s be beneficial to society? It is sad that a person can’t have a phone conversation without worrying that somebody is listening in. It is frightening about what is out there and what can be done. It gets more and more complicated and sophisticated everyday. It is even more frightening about what the future holds. Grant Fjermedal, author of the essay â€Å"Artificial Intelligence,† looks into the future with technology and what we have to look forward to. Fjermedal gives a very vivid description of what our lives will be like in the future:â€Å"You are in the operating room. A robot brain surgeon is in attendance†¦. Your skull but not your brain is anesthetized. You are fully conscious. The surgeon opens your brain case and peers inside. Attention is directed to a clump of neurons†¦. The surgeon determines the three-dimensional structure and chemical makeup of the neural clump†¦. A program is written that models the behavior of the clump and starts running on the computer sitting next to you. That computer is your new brain† (535-534). Fjermedal looks into the future as a place where humans will be immortal. The only change will be robotic bodies. A brain that is identical to a certain persons will be placed inside a robot and humans will live forever. Why must te chnology interfere so much with what we are today? We were placed on this earth to be born, make a difference and then pass on. What is wrong with that? This essay by Fjermedal shows what technology is bringing our way. Every year scientists, engineers, computer specialist and others are paid to improve the technology of today and make it better. Does that mean that this technology will make our societies better? According to Hamill, Rosenblat and Fjermedal it will do just the opposite. The advances in technology are causing our societies to deteriorate. Increases in drug use, the absence of privacy and computers running our world are all we have to look forward to. What ever happened to the simple life? It does still exist but the rate technology is at today it soon will be nonexistent. Bibliography:

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Job Spotlight Clinical Nurse

Job Spotlight Clinical Nurse in keeping with our recent examination of specialized health careers, this week we’re looking at clinical nurses, who specialize in coordinating patient care and monitoring protocols and standards in clinical settings. what do clinical nurses do?according to o*net online, these are the main job responsibilities of a clinical nurse:collecting medical information from patients, family members, or other medical professionalsdiagnosing medical conditionsprescribing medicationsexamining patients to assess general physical conditionpreparing reports summarizing patient diagnostic or care activitiescollaborating with health care professionals to ensure optimal patient careproviding consultation in areas such as patient discharge, patient care, or clinical proceduresdeveloping and maintaining departmental policies, procedures, objectives, or patient care standards based on evidence-based practice guidelines or expert opinionevaluating the quality and effectiveness of nursing practice or organizational systemsdeveloping, implementing, or evaluating standards of nursing practice in specialty areas such as pediatrics, acute care, and geriatricsdirecting or supervising nursing care staffdesigning patient education programsproviding care to inpatients and outpatients within a designated specialty such as obstetrics, neurology, oncology, or neonatal careobserving, interviewing, and assessing patients to identify care needsessentially, it’s a dynamic role that involves collaborating with other practitioners, training nurses and evaluating staff performance, and educating patients on treatment options and procedures related to their care.what training will you need?most clinical nurses have a bachelor’s or associate’s degree; and the vast majority are registered nurses, or have degrees in nursing administration, nursing science, family practice nursing, or another specialty.hiring landscapemedian salarywho’s hiring?as of this post, there are almost 2,500 direct employers for clinical nurses. the top employers include:carolinas healthcare system (517 jobs)community health systems inc (305 jobs)consulate health care  (288 jobs)tandem health care of cheswick (259 jobs)baycare (254 jobs)providence health services (226 jobs)unitedhealth group (212 jobs)wakemed (209 jobs)indian health service (207 jobs)hca: the healthcare company (193 jobs)sample job postingcardiac/telemetry unit – clinical nurse specialist/clinical nurse leader/aprnfull time position available, primarily days, 8-hour shifts, evenings, some weekends and holidays as required.responsibilitiesexciting opportunity for motivated clinical nurse specialist to work across the spectrum of clinical services in caring for cardiac/telemetry patients to provide educational resource and leadership support. must have a strong clinical base as well as an interest/background in customer service, quality assurance, care management, orientation, and continuing educati on. main areas of focus will be working at the bedside with staff with focus on orientation, in-services, competency development and documentation.excellent interpersonal and communication skills a must. 3-5 years experience preferred, ms degree required.qualificationsrequires a master’s degree in nursing or related field and an active new york state license in good standing. applicants will have 5 years experience as an rn with one to three years of leadership experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience. the clinical nurse specialist influences the quality and delivery of care in various roles including consultant, researcher, mentor, and practitioner. this role may be unit, program, or service based and is involved in continuous quality improvement initiatives.apply here:  hot clinical nursing jobs

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The Marketing Campaign Planning Checklist That Will Get You Proactive

The Marketing Campaign Planning Checklist That Will Get You Proactive Plan your work. Then work your plan. ^ Thats one of my favorite quips of all time. Why, you ask? Because its simple + practical + super helpful. Proactively planning your marketing campaigns helps you: Eliminate jumping into execution without clearly defined goals (or not knowing how youll measure success). Planning provides intense focus on  growth instead of being distracted by the trivial minutia. Avoid the overwhelming nature of marketing. There is so much to do, so solid  planning helps you avoid the stress because youll become super organized. Collaborate more effectively + efficiently. Planning eliminates last-minute fire drills  and miscommunication. So how can you reap all of those benefits? Im glad you asked.  Ã°Å¸Ëœâ€° This Is The Ultimate Marketing Campaign Planning Checklist That Will Get You ProactiveGet Your FREE Marketing Campaign Planning Template (And Plan More Effectively Than Ever) Download your free marketing campaign template kit to plan  anything. Youll get: A planning template spreadsheet you can easily customize  with Excel (or upload it into Google Sheets if thats more your thing). A  content calendar PDF template to help you visually map out your publish dates. This is  especially handy for rough, high-level planning- just print, write your ideas on sticky notes, and add those to the dates so you can move things around as you map out your campaign timeline. A campaign checklist to help you remember all of the main points from this blog post. This will help you focus + make sure you dont miss anything. I recommend downloading this kit now and implementing the actionable advice youll learn throughout this post immediately. After all... amazing  ideas without solid execution  never  boost your results. Amazing ideas without solid execution  never boost your results.What Is A Marketing Campaign? (For The Sake Of Understanding Everything In This Post) Here's your marketing campaign definition: A marketing campaign  is a project consisting of multiple pieces of content or events, connected together by a unified theme, with clear start and end dates. Marketing campaign planning, then,  is the process of organizing everything behind the scenes to ensure a smooth, efficient process. Planning helps you nail every deadline  for every piece/event you publish/host within your campaign. A Few Marketing Campaign Examples Some marketing campaign examples may help illustrate this concept a little better. 1. Product Launches Has your business launched a new product or service? It's likely you didn't just publish one blog post and called it good. Product launches are great opportunities for a multi-faceted marketing campaign. The last thing you'll want to do is share the news once and  assume everyone in your audience now understands you offer something new. For product launch campaigns, you may consider: A product announcement blog post A complementary content marketing style, educational, blog post A landing page all about the new product, feature, or service Social media messages directing traffic to both blog posts + your landing page Facebook ads directing traffic to the landing page AdWords and other paid search advertising to  capitalize on purchase search intent Emails to your current customers Emails to your prospects list you've built via content marketing best practices Press releases for specific  niche publications Press release for local news media Native advertising in niche publications Product demo webinars Another blog post with the demo webinar video embedded Retargeting ads for those who've seen the news anywhere on your blog posts, landing pages, and beyond Kathryn, our Head of Product Marketing, manages product launch marketing campaigns like this all the time. Here's a screenshot of what this actually looks like mapped out on a calendar: Not all of this  content needs to ship at the same time. You can plan when each piece will publish, outline the tasks you need to complete for each,  map out the dates when each task needs to be completed, and delegate accordingly. ^ This is what you'll learn throughout this blog post. 2. Content Launches Imagine publishing a brand new course, e-book, video series, podcast, microsite, or tool. Just like a product launch, these large-scale content projects deserve more than one-and-done communication. You'll likely want to schedule: A landing page that contains the content and is optimized to convert traffic (Example: Headline Analyzer) A blog post  that shares the content (Example:  How To Write Headlines That Drive Traffic, Shares, And Search Results) A social media campaign to promote the blog post or direct traffic directly back to the landing page (or both, because... why not?) Emails to your customers to give the content away for free Emails to your prospects Emails to your friends in the industry asking them to share your content Facebook ads, paid search ads, and retargeting ads to broaden your audience well beyond  the folks who already know your business Internal links from your most popular blog posts with calls to action directing your visitors' attention to the new content Links from your new blog posts to direct traffic to the big content ^ You get the picture... You invest a lot of time + effort into large-scale content. Make the most of it by scheduling a campaign to share it long after the initial launch. For example, when recently released the Marketing Strategy Certification Course, this is what the campaign looked like: 3. Events Events often require promotion beforehand (to get attendees), during (to communicate  where  attendees need to go + what attendees need to know or do), and after (to reiterate the value of the event + convert prospects as necessary). Examples here include conferences, virtual summits, webinars, and Meetups. Your event campaign may include: Before A landing where prospects can sign up to attend Emails to customers to  influence more attendees Emails to  the email list you've built using content marketing methodology Press releases to niche publications that share  upcoming events Press releases to local media to attract local prospects Social media messages to share  the event landing page with your existing following Itinerary emails for  those who sign up to help them 1) know they made the list, and 2) select the  sessions they'd like to attend most During A mobile app with daily itineraries A print itinerary Swag bags + name cards and lanyards Wayfinding signage Presentation decks + speaking points Printed handouts to help attendees implement the advice you're providing Landing pages to give away free product + content you talk about during the event Booth materials and signage An event hashtag + a way to showcase the social messages during the event After Emails thanking attendees for coming + reminding them of the value they received from your event Emails providing additional information attendees may have requested during the event, like presentation decks and  video recordings of the event (which may also require landing pages, SlideShare decks, or YouTube videos) Emails optimized to convert attendees into paying customers An old school, physically mailed letter with a certification + swag Again, you get the idea here. Here is an example of a webinar campaign Kathryn organized when we collaborated with Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income: An event is definitely a marketing campaign with a clearly defined start and end date for each phase of the project, with all communication centered around a topic (the event itself). Use These Marketing Campaign Examples To Plan Your Own Content + Promotion Checklists You're going to learn a lot more about this throughout the campaign planning checklist. But essentially, with each of the examples above, I simply brainstormed all of the content pieces that would make sense for each campaign. You will do the same for your own marketing campaigns. It's not rocket science. But rather, identifying the content ideas that you can realistically execute to make your campaign more successful than publishing one-and-done content. If you'd like more content ideas to kick start your campaign brainstorming, read this comprehensive blog post: Recommended Reading:  113 Content Types To Organize With Your Marketing Calendar Your Marketing Campaign Planning Checklist Our CEO and Co-Founder, Garrett Moon, says... The simplest approach is often the best place to start. It's easy to let the amount of things you could do overwhelm you. And overwhelm makes it hard to start, especially because humans are naturally adverse to change. That's why the following checklist  is kinda... minimalist. I recommend NOT overcomplicating the process here simply because it doesn't have to be complicated. Based on my experience managing marketing campaigns for years, this is what I highly recommend you do (consider this a marketing campaign planning checklist): [ ] Draft The Campaign Launch Brief Your launch brief is the version of truth for the high-level communication behind the campaign. It includes: The marketing campaign idea The resources + budget The goal + how you'll measure it The speaking points A link to your content + promotion checklist A link to your high-level marketing campaign sprints A link to your marketing calendar campaign timeline + ship dates ^^^ You can simply  copy + paste that list into a Word Doc, Google Doc, or Evernote Note, then flesh  out the details. There is also a free Word Doc template in the bonus content within this blog post- you can simply download that and get started immediately. Think about these seven points as an outline that will help you easily communicate the purpose of your campaign and how you will execute it. So let's take a look into each of these points. I've found it helpful to  answer questions as a framework for clarifying your plan: [ ] Clarify The Marketing Campaign Idea Answer this: Who will this campaign benefit the most? As you  think through your audience: Try to target only one  prospective customer. If your idea is broad or you know it will benefit multiple audiences, consider planning multiple campaigns.  This will prevent you from spreading your message too thin (or sharing information one audience type just wouldn't care about). Target a  specific sub-set within your audience.  For example, if you are targeting lawyers for your campaign, which kind of lawyers will you target (e.g. corporate lawyers, estate planning lawyers, personal injury lawyers, etc.)? Write a story about why your campaign will help this audience. Fill in the blanks of the following  framework, putting yourself into your audience's shoes: As an {audience type}, I want to {do something} so that {I get a desired value}. At this point, you will also describe the project in a couple sentences or paragraph, essentially coming up with the campaign definition. Think of this as the elevator pitch for your campaign. For example, when we recently released the Marketing Strategy Certification Course, this is what the project description looked like: Staying organized is a never-ending struggle. As marketers, we live in a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants world, and if we aren’t organized, it can feel like one fire drill after another. Well, not anymore. This course is all about getting you insanely organized and giving you the tools for real 10x growth. We’ll teach you how to prioritize the RIGHT kind of content, how to optimize it for 237% more engagement, and how to take control of your marketing strategy (not the other way around). Ready to get started? Cool. Keep scrolling. As in the example, your campaign description connects the dots between what you will provide  (e.g. the content within the campaign) and the value the audience gets (e.g. what's in it for them). You'll learn more about understanding  what your audience values in the following Speaking Points check. [ ] Know Your Resources + Budget Answer this: What kind of resources might you need to complete the campaign? As you consider this question, you will: Brainstorm the talent + people the campaign will require to be successful. For example, if you decide to build a free online tool, you may need help from a developer who is typically not on your marketing team. Now is the time to think through this roadblock and work with the right folks internally (or look for an external partner) to help you make the  campaign a reality. Make sure your marketing team has the tools it needs before you start executing. The last thing you need is to take on a  campaign only to have it come to a halt because tools weren't part of your budget. Consider the  time it may take your team to complete the project. How much can they take on given the campaigns they are currently working on? What might your  launch date be given this knowledge? Have a clear budget. You may need to work with those partners, buy tools for your team, or account for overtime your staff will take on. ^^ At this point, you are thinking high-level. These are estimations (all aside from budget, which you can clearly know for actual money you will need to buy tools or services from external vendors). The rest is  a very educated guess based on your experience. In the Content + Promotion check, you will literally map out every piece of content within a campaign, then determine who will do specific parts + how much time it will take to complete. That will help you understand  and define exactly what to expect from your resource. Right now, knowing your resources and budget at a high-level can help you get sign-off from the big wigs so they know what to expect as you take on this campaign. [ ] Define Goal  + How You'll Measure It Answer this: What results will this campaign produce? If you have  data from similar campaigns, you may be able to get to a specific figure here. This extremely detailed blog post will help you understand  what to expect from future content performance based on your historical data. If you don't have historical data on similar  campaign of this kind, it's still helpful for your team to know why you are taking on this campaign (and not something else). You can write this simply in your launch brief: The goal of our campaign is to influence {specific metric}. Now, before you launch, you will need to know how you will track the results the campaign produces. A tool  like Kissmetrics  will help you track nearly anything. Or you may opt to use Google Analytics with its Goals and Custom Reports functionality. Let's look at an example of setting up Google Analytics Goal tracking + Custom Reports to view the information. Since a majority of you likely have larger marketing goals to influence email subscriber signups from your campaigns, let's use this as an example for your goal metric for your campaign. Open Google Analytics  and click  Admin. Select Goals. Click + New Goal. Name the goal, select Destination, and hit Continue. Select Begins With for your destination, then write in the slug of the page your users see after they convert into your email list. Oftentimes, that is a specific thank you page on your website, so that's the example you're learning here. Then hit Save. It takes up to two days for Google Analytics to know you want the tool to track that metric, so give it some time. But in the meantime, let's set up a Custom Report so you can view those results when they start rolling in. Select Customization and click Custom Reports. Hit + New Custom Report. Title your custom report (I like to use the same Name from my goal). In Metric Groups, search for your goal name and select that goal's Goal Completions option from the dropdown. In Dimension Drilldowns,  search for and select Goal Previous Step - 1. Hit Save. Now once Google Analytics starts tracking your goal, you will use the Custom Report to view the pages your audience saw immediately before converting into your email list. This will help you understand which pieces of content within your campaign have been most successful (along with viewing how all of your other content is performing for this goal, too). ^^^ Essentially, now you know how you will measure your marketing campaign's success.

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International Estate Planning Benchmark Assignment 8 Coursework

International Estate Planning Benchmark Assignment 8 - Coursework Example On the other hand, it is advisable for Cynthia to set up a trust benefit for her sons in the United States; this is because her children are likely to succeed her in running the business that is already in partnership. The benefit trust secures the business in legal angles. United States has set legal policies that consider foreign citizens. For instance, the fact that all states of the United States approve that definite asset of a debtor ought to and resolve to be protected from creditors. This and among other policies safeguard U.S citizens who have set up a business in foreign in countries. In addition, she cannot opt for Brazil as it is clear that the powers and responsibilities of trustees and the privileges of beneficiaries are recognized and applied to the laws of United States and not in Brazil. In fact, there is no country has that has better political stability more than the United States (Feldstein,